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Bio-Metal PRO Mask


Bio-Metal Mask



Price: $249

  • Colors: Chrome/ black, Chrome/ clear
    Dark Chrome/ black, & Dark Chrome /clear
  • Skirt: High tech Ultra low volume 60 cc skirt, 85 cc
    for average fit and 110 cc for larger faces
  • Includes padded carry bag
  • Patented LED light system (optional)
  • Patented Flip-up magnification lens (optional)














BIometal PRO LED Light

180° x 102° = Awesome view!

At a nominal 60 cc of internal volume, the lens sits close enough to produce an expansive 180° horizontal field of vision. Vision needs and body position are different when actually in the water. Traditional masks do not accommodate the need for increased lower vision. Like our award winning fins, we tweaked the angle to work with the most natural body position during a dive. The slight angle close to triples the lower viewing capability and results in a spectacular 120° vertical field of vision.

Bio-metal Pro mask

Frame SUS 316 Stainless steel, PVD ceramic coating, extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Designed to easily accommodate optional LED light systems and Flip-up magnification lens.

Skirt High tech design and extremely low internal volume provides the highest degree of comfort and most extensive field of vision. Technical design, flexible material and twin rim provides and excellent fit for small to large faces.

  • Highest-grade surgical silicone, treated for increased resistance to bacteria build-up, black is used for maximum color clarity.
  • Twin curved lip ensures snug seal, maximum comfort and least amount of surrounding pressure on delicate facial skin
  • Matte finished interior diffuses light and significantly reduces glass reflection
  • Unique stabilizing lip integrated into skirt, and positioned below outer lens area. Significantly relieves compression at depth, particularly between eye and cheek area. This serves dual purpose of increasing comfort and reduction of internal volume.
  • Field of vision a phenomenal 180° horizontal x 102° vertical.
  • Sold standard with ultra low volume 60 cc skirt. Also
    available with 115 cc low volume skirt (same as bio-metal
    aluminum maskBio-metal mask bag), for those who need a bit more space.

Bag (included with mask) black, padded, integrated drainage panel and carry strap.

LED light with Tech mount is designed exclusively for use with the Bio-Metal PRO
mask. Ball joint assembly allows you to direct light exactly where you want it.
The mount (included) for this optional accessoy is attached with two screws to pre-drilled holes in mask.

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Length 4.5”, Weight 3.9 oz
  • Continuous Light Estimate: 6-8 hrs
  • Bulb Life Estimate: 100,000 hours
  • Tested Lumens: 30
  • Bulb 1W LED, Input 4.5 V
  • Color Temperature: 5500
  • Waterproof to 390 Feet
  • Tech mount included with light
  • 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries (not included)

Is your dive passing by in a blur? NEW Flip-up magnification lens is designed exclusively for the Bio-metal Pro mask. This optional accessory attaches to pre-drilled holes in mask and can be installed at any time.

  • Precision Perspex, approximately 3x magnification.
  • 5 placement settings closed to full open (shown)
  • Split lens to ensure both short and long range vision when lens is closed. Upper and lower area are zero correction for easy navigation and long distance viewing. 50% of lens area (middle) is magnification for reading and short range vision.
  • Tabbed for easy access and to avoid finger smudges





Is your dive experience passing by in a blur? Flip-up magnification lens...

Biometal Pro with Lens

Bio-metal Pro with accessory option
Magnification lens. $125


Now you can see all the little stuff, even in dark conditions.
LED light more...

Biometal Pro with LED light

Bio-metal Pro with accessory options
Bio-spectrum lens set
2x LED light w/ tech mounts

LED light w/ mount. $275


Biometal Tech Mount


Biometal Pro Lens

Bio-spectrum lens set. $75

Lens installation tool. $25



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