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Dehydration is a problem for many divers.  Whilst diving, every breath you take comes from dry tank air.  No matter how much you try to hydrate beforehand you are still breathing dry air.  The unnatural lack of humidity can wreak havoc on your body. Dry throat, cotton mouth and difficulty clearing are the most obvious indicators that your body isn't getting what it needs.


Easy to install, use and maintain.  Apollo's patented moisture system can be added to most regulators with a standard 3/8" LP port.


  • Moisture replenishing system exclusive to Apollo
  • Moisture cartridge increases humidity 30 - 70%
  • No more cotton mouth or dry throat
  • Reduced level of fatigue from dehydration
  • Lower incidence of post dive headaches
  • Easier to clear (pressure equalization)
  • Increased bottom times
  • Have your ever looked inside a tank!  3-in-1 Activated Charcoal Filter picks up dust, rust and odors from tank
  • Exterior fill port to.  Use fill bottle (included) to quickly top off moisture cartridge between dives.
  • OK for use with Nitrox up to EAN level 40
  • Ball joint fitting surrounded by rubber bumper to help absorb external impacts


Aqua - Purple (LVD)

Aqua Sold Out

Charcoal Filter

What's in the box? Bio Filter System 3/8", Fill Bottle, 1 Moisture Cartridge(Wick), 2 Charcoal Filters, Clamp Wrench & Allen Key Wrench.


Color:  Powder Coated Silver (Brass), Purple LVD (Aluminum)

Weight 242, Dimensions 32 x 111 mm


Placement:  System is installed between 1st stage primary LP port and 2nd stage hose.



1.  The manual included with unit includes several languages and can be difficult to navigate.  We strongly recommend downloading the USA Manual from websites.  Text is English only, pages are full size and much easier to read.


2.  During installation, don't forget to lock down 1st stage attachment from the inside with the Allen Key wrench provided.  This is the most commonly missed step.  There are several fitting in this area use Apollo supplied wrench to ensure you are adjusting correct part.


3.  Always remember to take unit off of tank before attempting to top off moisture cartridge.  If you leave on pressurized tank, force of attempting to refill can damage valve and/ or result in loss of bottle.


4.  Remember to remove moisture pad after diving.  The moisture pad should never be stored in unit or on the black tube. After removing moisture pad, re-install black tube before closing unit.  Black tube keeps valve from resting against housing.


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