Clean Air System For Regulators | $129



Dirty Air? When a tank is filled with air, small amounts become liquefied and settle inside the cylinder.  Salt, water, rust, silicon residue and aluminum oxide can form inside the tank along with oil and carbon dust.  It is very likely the air coming from any tank will contain at least some small amount of orders and impurities associated with these type of contaminants.


  • Fits any brand regulator with standard LP port
  • OK for use with Nitrox up to EAN level 40
  • The Bio Micro system is installed between 1st stage primary LP port and 2nd stage hose
  • Ball joint fitting surrounded by rubber bumper to help absorb external impacts
  • 3-in-1 Activated Charcoal Filter picks up dust, rust and odors from tank

Have you ever looked inside a tank?

What's in the box?

Bio Micro System, 2 Charcoal Filters, Clamp Wrench and Allen Key


Color:  Silver

Material: Chrome over brass

Weight 120 g,  With 1/2" Adapter 136 g

Dimensions 32 x 59.5 mm, With 1/2" Adapter 74 mm




1. The manual included with unit includes several languages and can be difficult to navigate.  Text is English only, pages are full size and much easier to read. Click on Manuals page link below.


2.  During installation, don't forget to lock down 1st stage attachment from the inside with the allen key provided.  This is the most commonly missed step.  There are several fitting in this area use Apollo supplied wrench to ensure you are adjusting correct part.


Manual Bio Micro

Schematic  Bio Micro

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