Dive Compass & Wrist Straps | Starting at $20

      Auto Adjust Systems

Pivoting card design allows the ac-40 compass to function even when held at an angle.  No common compass, this is the only dive compass in the world utilizing a two point support system to ensure proper balance and reading from any angle.


  • Oil filled compass to optimize rotational speed for quicker more accurate reading under pressure
  • Suitable for ice diving.  Optimum viscosity for to ensure rotation is not dulled by low temperatures
  • Compass body is 1.5 times higher heat resistance compared to conventional compass which significantly reduces failure such as deformation under scorching sun
  • Japanese made phosphorescent, N Noctilucence, glows consistently for hours once exposed to light
  • Rotating Bezel, 180º Pitch Plot Built In
  • Side Window For Angle Reading
  • Auto Adjusting strap with velcro closure features tension buckle to keep compass snugly in place
  • Weight 1.9 oz


Auto Adjusting Straps are suitable for 100's of sport and household uses.  Straps are 13" long and available separately in .875" and 1" Widths.

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