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Bio-Fin Ranger With Spring Strap are a lighter more compact tactical split fin made from 100% natural rubber material designed specifically for Military and SAR operations and are ideal for helicopter and parachute insertions.


  • Wide foot pocket designed for use with amphibious and standard military footwear such as jungle boots
  • Tough 100% natural 75º natural rubber provides exceptional maneuverability and explosive thrust
  • Dynamic split blade technology proven to reduce fatigue and maximize endurance
  • Secure stainless steel spring straps eliminate strap and lug breakage.  Easy to don and remove
  • Increase footwear options with alternate size spring sets
  • Negatively buoyant, if the operator is required to discard the fin it will sink to the bottom so as not to alert others of the operator's presence
  • Color Black


Fin                  Thick Sole         Amphibious &         Width            Width          Weight

Size                Over Boot       Military Footwear     Per Fin          Per Fin         Pair

M - L

L - XL

 10~ 12

 12~ **

  8~ 10

10~ **

423 mm

423 mm

252 mm

252 mm

1200 g

1200 g

** Spring straps are available in 275, 300, 325 and 350 mm to accommodate a broad range of sizes and boot types.  Size chart is intended as a guideline. Actual fit may vary.  Foot pocket is significantly larger than bio-fin pro series.  Weight is approximate based on black fins with rubber strap.


Item Numbers:  USA & [International)

Description:  Bio Fin Ranger W/ Spring Strap

Limited Quantity On Hand (Special Order)


Size M-L w/ 250mm Silver Spring  155-R4-80-250  [1503980225]

Size M-L w/ 275mm Silver Spring  155-R4-80-275  [1503980227]

Size M-L w/ 300mm Silver Spring  155-R4-80-300  [1503980230]

Size M-L w/ 325mm Silver Spring  155-R4-80-325  [1503980232]

Size M-L w/ 350mm Silver Spring  155-R4-80-350  [1503980235]

Size M-L w/ 375mm Silver Spring  155-R4-80-375  [1503980237]

Size L-XL w/ 250mm Silver Spring  155-R5-80-275 [1503980425]

Size L-XL w/ 275mm Silver Spring  155-R5-80-275 [1503980427]

Size L-XL w/ 300mm Silver Spring  155-R5-80-300 [1503980430]

Size L-XL w/ 325mm Silver Spring  155-R5-80-325 [1503980432]

Size L-XL w/ 350mm Silver Spring  155-R5-80-350 [1503980435]

Size L-XL w/ 375mm Silver Spring  155-R5-80-375 [1503980437]


Description:  Bio Fin Ranger W/ Rubber Strap (Special Order Only)

Size M-L w/ Rubber Strap 150-39-80-500 [1503980500]

Size L-XL w/ Rubber Strap 150-39-80-600 [1503980600]

Heel Protector *Orange or Black.  Suitable for use with all Apollo spring strap kits and fins with spring straps installed.  *Orange may require more frequent replacement.  Sold individually $26 Each

Stainless Steel Springs available in 250, 275, 300, 325  and 350 mm. Suitable for use with all Apollo spring strap kits and fins with spring straps installed.  Item sold as set. $30 Pair

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