Underwater Vehicles

AV2 Saddle Ride Hands Free!  Suitable for use with all sport vehicles manufactured by Apollo.  Easy access to variable speed control featured on AV2/AV2E. $300

Vest - Oral Inflation Suitable for use with AV-1 and AV-2 Series.  Battery Life Indicator featured on AV2 / AV2E is obscured by vest.  Black/Black Only $175

Body O-ring Set | $72 Red O-ring 177(1), Black O-ring 270(1) Fits AV-1 and all AV-2 Series Scooters.  Not For Use With AVX

Prop Blade | $36 (1) Fits All Apollo Scooters.

AV-2E Battery 27Ah LiFePO4 Battery/Charger Set  Use with AV2 Evolution 2015 - Current.  Older Evolutions may require modification for use with Lithium Ion batteries. $1650  (Fully Regulated Hazardous Good - Limited Shipping Options)

Blue =  AV-2

Battery Socket | 24V Assembly (blue wrap) for Apollo AV-2 Apollo AV-2 Series 24V/13Ah Lead battery $36

Battery Socket | 12V Assembly (yellow wrap) for Apollo AV-1

Apollo AV-1 12V/24Ah Lead battery Discontinued

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