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Whether your dive is for business or pleasure, the time it takes to replace a broken strap can be costly.  Don't lose another dollar or miss that once in a lifetime moment to a broken strap.


  • Automatically adjusts to changing conditions, stays snug on heel.  No more stopping to tighten a loose strap.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Coiled Spring Strap is practically indestructible
  • Rubber grip protects heel from spring and convenient finger loop is easy to access, even with thick gloves
  • Fits most fins
  • How To Install (Slide Show)
  • Schematics
  • Bio Fins Available w/ spring strap pre-installed

Stock Size Spring Strap Kits (sold with black heel protector only)


M, 250 mm, 10" Recommended for use with fin sizes XS ~ S

L,  300 mm, 12" Recommended for use with fin sizes S ~ L

XL, 325 mm,13" Recommended for use with fin sizes L ~ XL


Additional Reference

250 mm  10" stock length for Bio Fin XS w/ spring strap

275 mm  11" stock length for Bio Fin S w/ spring strap

300 mm  12" stock length for Bio Fin M & L w/ spring strap

325 mm, 13" stock length for Bio Fin XL(LL) w/ spring strap

350 mm, 14" n/a

Material: SUS 304 Spring and Metal Parts, ABS Plastic Housings, Rubber Heel Protector


Good To Know:  Installation is permanent.  Hardware runs through walls of fin.  In most cases, the post on fin will need to be removed to accommodate the post for spring strap.


Tips: We strongly recommend occasional removal of screws for more thorough fresh water rinse.  If staining has begun scrub lightly with brush.  If necessary, add a little baking soda to water for more thorough scrub.

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