SQR Knives Titanium

Titanium w/ Neoprene Holster $199



The SQR Dive Knife has the most effective dive locking mechanism ever made.  Highest quality dive knife for professional and military use.


  • Super strong, self-draining, squeeze and release locking sheath
  • Neoprene Leg Harness auto compensates for suit compression
  • User adjustable fit with quick disconnect buckles
  • Blade Style Drop Point
  • Serrated top edge for sawing and cutting
  • Line Cutter
  • Sure Hand Grip
  • Blade Length 125 mm
  • Overall Length 260 mm
  • All metal components are Titanium Alloy
  • Also available in 36 HRC Titanium Alloy 100% No Rust
  • Limited Inventory - Call For Stock Status

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