U/W Vehicle Float

Float With Oral Inflation 149.00

New Product  Available  Jan 2022 - Redesigned to accommodate the features of Apollo AV-2E Scooter with Saddle.  Easy to inflate with a few breaths.  Keeps scooter floating at surface of sea.  When ready to dive pull on dump valve to release air.  Updates include new yellow color for visibility, window for viewing battery indicator and the exhaust valve has been moved to the side.

Features and Specifications

  • Oral Inflation Tube with Check Valve
  • Over Pressure / Dump Valve
  • Battery Indicator Window
  • Easy Installation
  • Fabric:  Nylon 420D TPU Laminated
  • Strap:  Nylon
  • Inflation Valve: TPU
  • Buoyancy:  6.6 LBS | 3kg
  • Weight:  0.51 LBS | 235g
  • Manufactured In Japan

Scooter sold separately.

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