The following files are provided for information only.  Repair, service and installation of SCUBA equipment requires specialized parts, training and tools.  Do not attempt installation or repair without original Apollo parts, proper training and correct tools.  Apollo Sports USA strongly recommends sending equipment to your authorized dealer or an authorized service center.  Parts for older product may no longer be available.


Apollo USA Scooters (U/W Vehicle - DPV)


Models AVX & AV2 Series

AV2 Evolution Vehicles | Owners Manual 2020.06

Saddle Riding Instructions 2020.06

Battery & Charger Li-Ion 25.2V/27Ah

Battery & Charger SLA 24V/10Ah - 13Ah



Model AV1 (Yr 1987 - 2005)

AV1 | Owners Manual

AV1 Front Cover 536 KB, PDF Slide Show

AV1 Motor & Bulk Head 4.3 MB, PDF Slide Show
AV1 Propeller 2.5 MB, PDF Slide Show

Important Guidelines For Safe Use of AV1 2016.09

Important Key Original Parts No Longer Available 2016.08



Regulator Accessory Clean Air & Moisture Systems

Model Bio-filter | Owners Manuals PDF Updated 2021.1109

Bio-Filter /Bio Micro Full Manual English/Japanese 3.5MB

Bio-Filter /Bio Micro Quick Install English/Japanese 831KB



BCD Accessories

Bio Tank Lock V.2 3.9 MB PDF

Bio Tank Lock V.1 Pro 2.8 MB PDF



Bio Seals Label (Care and Use) 102 KB PDF

Dry Suit

Dry Suit Owners Manual 3.6 MB PDF

BVS Inlet Valves Manual 1.7 MB PDF



Fin Straps

Spring Strap Owner Manual 1 MB PDF

Spring How To Install 839 KB PDF Slide Show



Authorized Service Centers


Ernie Bourne - Call To Schedule

Specialty:  All Vehicles & Regulator Service

Phone (408) 318-3675




Underwater Sports, Inc

Call Service Department To Schedule

Specialty:  Dry Suits, Regulators and All General Service

10545 Aurora Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98133

Phone (206) 362-3310



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