Spring Strap Kit

89.00 - 99.00

  • Features

    • Automatically adjusts to changing conditions, stays snug on heel.  No more stopping to tighten a loose strap.
    • Durable Stainless Steel Coiled Spring Strap is practically indestructible
    • Rubber grip protects heel from spring and convenient finger loop is easy to access, even with thick gloves
    • See specifications for size recommendations
    • Manufactured In Japan
  • Specifications




    250mm, 10" Recommended use with fin sizes XS~S

    300mm, 12" Recommended use with fin sizes S~L

    325mm, 13" Recommended use with fin sizes L~XL

    Additional Reference

    250mm, 10"  stock length for Bio-Fins XS w/ spring strap

    275mm, 11"  stock length for Bio-Fins S w/ spring strap

    300mm, 12"  stock length for Bio-Fins M & L w/ spring strap

    325mm, 13"  stock length for Bio-Fins Retired LL & New XL

    350mm, 14"  additional stock option for New XL


    Color:  Spring Silver, Heel Black

    Material:  SUS304 Spring/Metal Parts, ABS Plastic Housing, Rubber Heel Protector

    Screw Type:  Torx 20

  • Integrated Hardware

    Spring straps are strong and can place undue stress on a post every time user dons and doffs. Constant pull can wear down or even tear posts commonly used for most rubber straps. With this in mind, Apollo spring straps are designed to install through wall of fins rather than attach to post.


    Permanent installation required.  Hardware runs through foot pocket. In most cases you will need to permanently remove post commonly used for attachment of rubber straps.  See manual for quick reference or step-by-step instruction for additional details.

  • Tech & Care

    • Spring Straps are stainless but not stain proof.  To ensure hardware remains cosmetically appealing and easy to work with, we strongly recommend occasional disassembly for more thorough fresh water rinse.  If staining is present, scrub lightly with brush.  If necessary, add a baking soda to water for more thorough scrub.
    • Use correct driver.  Current fitting is T20 (Torx 20), V.1 PH2 (Phillips Head 2).
    • If you coat screws with any substance, be aware that oils cause early deterioration in rubber.  Take care to remove residue from fins.
    • Installation:  Step by Step (PDF)
    • Manual:  Quick Reference Installation (PDF)
  • Accessories

  • Auto Adjusting Buckles | Straps

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