Bio-Tank Lock


Struggling to tighten tank strap?  Bio-tank Lock can fix that!  Secure your BCD to dive tank in seconds.  Very little effort and up to 10x (100 kg) more tightening torque than any conventional buckle.  Adjustable screw system makes installation and removal from tank a breeze.  Heavy duty spring automatically adjusts to keep your tank in place and stable.

  • Features

    • Easy to install on any BCD
    • Includes 33" strap to fit any tank
    • No more struggling secure your BCD to tank
    • Oversized spring knob extends for easy grip
    • Just a few quick turns to install and remove from tank
    • 10x More tightening strength tank than conventional buckle
    • Hinged to flip back and out of the way after adjustment.
    • Manufactured In Japan
  • TL1 or TL2

    • TL1-Bio-Tank Lock Pro is our original design.  This is best choice for divers who typically use same tank size.  Both sides of strap are threaded to rest against tank.  You can adjust for any size but not while on tank.
    • TL2-Bio-Tank Lock 2 is ideal for divers who frequently change tank sizes.  One side of strap remains accessible allowing user to reset length while on tank.
  • Specifications

    • Material:  Die Cast Aluminum, POM, SUS304
    • Nylon Strap:  900mm x 50mm
    • Color:  TL1 - Black Strap, TL2 Black or Orange
    • Weight:  11.7 oz, 330g
  • Tech and Tips

    • Metal buckles move inward during compression. Always leave 3/8 to 1/2" space between buckles to avoid contact stress
    • Rinse with fresh water. Brush spindle and spring to keep salt and debris from building up and hindering function.
  • Installing TL2 on Tank

    • Step 1:  Place the Bio Tank Lock over the cylinder. Hold on to the knob #2 and pull the end of belt towards direction #1
    • Step 2: Push the belt locking tab #3 down whilst pulling the loose end of the belt to keep tight.
    • Step 3: Turn the knob #4, check the spring has fully compressed and that the space between the two metal buckles are about 3/8 to 1/2" apart.
    • Step 4: Slip the end of belt into the belt keeper #5. Verify that belt buckles can not be moved and tuck adjustment knob toward tank.
    • IMPORTANT Thread it right! TL2 with adjustment lever shown. TL1 does not have adjustment lever.  Both ends of strap must be threaded to rest against tank.
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